New Jersey residents continue to breathe some of the worst air in the country. Locally generated and upwind emissions put our health and lives at risk daily. In New Jersey, ozone air pollution affects the health of some 8.9 million residents, including those more vulnerable such as older adults, children, and those with various lung ailments like asthma. As of 2018, Essex and Hudson counties received F grades with regards to ozone pollution — making our district one of the worst in the nation. Essex County received 10 “orange alert” days as a result of bad air quality while Hudson County received 21 orange alert days and 2 “red alert” days.

As a lifelong resident of Essex County, I have personally felt the effects of living with such harsh environmental conditions. Since being diagnosed as asthmatic at two years old, I have had difficulty breathing when our air quality frequently drops. I know what it’s like to be hospitalized from asthma — a direct result of our politicians careless attitudes towards tackling climate change.

As your Representative, I will fight to pass and institute all the facets of a Green New Deal, especially the creation of green union jobs and green transportation infrastructure. I will: