Healthcare Plan

COVID-19 has ravaged our families and our district for over a year. After so much pain and devastation, it is clear that healthcare — not just access, but quality universal healthcare — should be treated as a right for all human beings.

Instead, this past year an estimated 124,000 New Jerseyans lost their health insurance due to unemployment. Our district, specifically, has some of the highest numbers of uninsured adults and children in the entire state. Even for those who do have health insurance, the situation remains grim. Instead of investing in our families’ futures, we are forced to pay $451 per month on average in healthcare premiums in New Jersey. It’s time to call out this situation for what it is: immoral and unacceptable.

Our health and our lives should no longer be treated as profit drivers for large insurance companies. The people in our district deserve and need good healthcare.

I know how stressful it is to be blocked from receiving medication or emergency care just because of insurance issues. As a teenager, I suffered a significant neck injury and developed chronic pain. For working families across our district and country, illnesses and injuries can be an economic death sentence. Why?

Lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies and insurance giants have an iron grip on the establishment. Our representatives have failed to act — even in the face of a pandemic. We need real change, and we need it now.

As your Congresswoman, I will guarantee that every resident in our district will benefit from Medicare For All. Once elected, I will: