International Affairs Plan

Our strength as a district comes from our connection with our global family. Our communities have ties to Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our coexistence here shows that the people of the world want to and can live in peace, together.

Unfortunately, though, we live in a state of perpetual war and international conflict fueled by racism, hawkish politicians, and greedy multinational corporations.

Whether navigating the complexities of a worldwide economy or fighting to end genocide, our role as a country should significantly concentrate on peace, diplomacy, and extensive demilitarization.

My work and life experiences abroad have profoundly shaped my understanding of the world and my commitment to international justice.

As an alum of the People to People program, I traveled to multiple cities in China and engaged with other students throughout the northeast as we learned about China’s rich history and political climate.

As a student at Howard University School of Law, I traveled to South Africa, where I learned the finer points of comparative constitutional law and worked for Ndifuna Ukwazi, a non-profit organization focused on housing and sanitation rights for the victims of Apartheid.

As your Congresswoman, I will take these lessons and use them to be a true champion of diplomacy and fierce defender of international human rights. I will: