Right Now, New Jersey’s corrupt political machine is trying to undermine Black political power and the progressive movement by cutting Imani out of the district her family has made home for over a quarter century. Here’s how →

New Jersey’s Redistricting Commission is made up of political insiders hand-picked by the state’s corrupt political machine.

Right now, they’re considering a proposal to remove Imani’s historically Black neighborhood in Montclair from the majority-Black10th district to the majority-white 11th district to pad a white incumbent’s district and protect Imani’s corporate backed opponent. Here’s why that’s wrong:

      • Cutting Imani out of the 10th district and into the 11th to pad incumbent Rep. Mikie Sherril pits Black and white women against each other–literally–to serve the interests of the machine
      • New Jersey’s redistricting process, just like the ballot line, is corrupt, hidden, and anti-Democratic
      • NJ-11 is a majority-white, majority suburban district with far different interests and concerns than the majority-Black communities of NJ-10, including South Montclair
      • Moving Black communities out of NJ-10 and into the majority-white 11th district weakens the voting power of Black communities

We need your help. Click here to sign our petition calling on the redistricting commission to reject racist and anti-democratic proposals to move Black communities from NJ10 to NJ11.

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To learn more, check out Imani’s Op-Eds on redistricting: