New Jersey’s reputation as a machine state is well earned. On top of our dishonest political class, we have the most corrupt ballot design in the entire country.

New Jersey’s corrupt political machine actively works to undermine democracy statewide. Here, patronage and cronyism–not voters–decide the fate of our communities.

Just like our national democracy harmed by the highly outdated electoral college, voter suppression of voters of color, and gerrymandering, our state suffers from a ballot design that rewards those already in power and hinders those brave enough to challenge the establishment.

I have made it my business to fight back against the most potent machine bosses in the state.

As the Legislative Director of Working Families New Jersey, I fought for a fairer democracy in New Jersey by pushing to abolish our corrupt ballot design and put an end to the systems of patronage and cronyism that run rampant throughout our state.

As the creator and host of Upfront NOW! I gave ordinary people a platform to share their stories, as well as solidly left political and social news in New Jersey.

As a lifelong political organizer, I’ve worked across the country and the world highlighting and combating injustice wherever I’ve found it.

And now, as your Congresswoman, I pledge to be a resounding patron of democracy and democratic values. I will: